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About AlidaFarm girl in London

Alida was born and raised on a Merino wool farm in South Africa. This experience gave her a love of the outdoors and a fascination with textiles, especially the production of fabric from a raw material.

Whilst studying design at Bloemfontein, she began creating her own fabrics and garments. Alida moved to London in 2005 where she earned an international reputation for her unique style and haute couture. Her bespoke garments have featured on popular TV shows, including X Factor, Britain’s got Talent and the MTV Awards.

When she is not designing and sourcing quality fabrics, she is engaged in sport. She loves to run and swim and always in the great outdoors, whatever the temperature. It was her involvement with endurance swimming and the disappointment of finding nothing suitable to wear, that led Alida to design and create her own swimwear range.

The ultimate swimwear has to flatter the contours of any body shape, whilst not constrict movement. It has to look elegant, feel luxurious, and still be durable.

Alida Herbst has created the ultimate in swimwear. Her new range, for both men and women, uses the finest fabrics and workmanship. All garments are impeccably handmade with exquisite attention to detail. For those who love being in and on the water, nothing compares to this fabulous collection.